Sex In Dubai Taxi Gets Rebecca Blake And Conor McRedmond Sentenced To Three Months In Jail

Couple Gets Harsh Sentence For Sex In Taxi

Sex in a cab in Dubai netted two tourists three months in the slammer.

The Standard reports that Rebecca Blake of Britain and Conor McRedmond of Ireland denied the allegations and will appeal the conviction for breach of honor with consent, according to the Standard.

The couple did admit to going on a 10-hour drinking binge on the night of their reported sexual indiscretions, which took place in May, according to the Daily Record.

The taxi driver parked his car and called over a police officer who said he saw Blake without underwear sitting on McRedmond, whose pants were around his knees, according to the Guardian. Blake maintained that McRedmond had helped her regain her balance because she was drunk. A forensic report found no DNA evidence to prove the couple had sex.

The Guardian reports that this isn't the first time Westerners have run afoul of Dubai's decency laws. In 2008, a British couple was found guilty of engaging in drunken sexual activity outside marriage on a beach. They were given a three month sentence.

In 2010, another British couple got sentenced to a month in jail for kissing on the mouth at a restaurant in Dubai.

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