Sex Is Not Static

Sex is as impermanent as life. There is what came before, an understanding about sexuality, our relationships, and our history with sex. But ultimately and in the best sense, sex is constantly changing. Every single day we can create and consume our sexuality in so many various ways that can span the human experience from subtle to explosive. And that is the beauty of sexuality.

Embrace it and allow sexuality to live in each inhalation and exhalation. We take it in and we let it go. We create an experience in our bodies, with a lover, nature, our food, our dress, or any moment in our lives that speaks to us of the erotic.

It could be a dance, making love or a fuck. It doesn't matter. We create sex to be experienced. We can open to receive sex, penetrate sex, consume it, give it and observe it. Sex is not static.

Sex is meant to be constantly moving and evolving. Sexuality is meant to change and adapt. Books, teachers, programs are there to provide a foundation or a history of sexual tradition.

But traditions are meant to evolve. So you can try to document sex. You can photograph, draw or video tape a moment and put it on Instagram, Facebook, Pin it, or hang it on your wall to savor the memory or share it. But the moment itself is gone.

Every day we all have the opportunity to re-envision sex in our lives. That's the miracle of the erotic.