Sex Journals: Tell HuffPost Women About Your Sex Life

Have You Ever Kept A Sex Journal? Would You?

"The #1 Thing He Wants In Bed"

"The Naughty Bedroom Game You Need To Play Tonight"

"Perfect Stranger: A Story Of French Seduction"

Those are just a few recent headlines from websites and magazines that are presumably meant to “help” women navigate their sex lives. What about what you want in bed? Doesn't what he wants depend a great deal on who the he in question is (or what if he is in fact a she)? Is there really a game you need to play in your bedroom tonight? And why does sex sound so much more interesting when it's French?

We think it would be much more useful and interesting to hear what goes on in real women's sex lives. (Admit it -- you’re curious.)

Once a week, beginning Tuesday, Nov. 8, we'll run a sex diary from one of you. No names, no photos (please, no photos), just the day-to-day details of your thoughts, fantasies and actions.

The goal in sharing is to prove that, counter to what we’re often told, there is no one way for a woman to be sexual. We’re all different when it comes to sex -– so let’s tell it like it is.

How to submit:

For a week, keep a journal of all your sexual thoughts, desires and deeds. We want dates and times, with whom (no names or initials) or with yourself, the circumstances, what was great, what wasn't, and most importantly, how you felt about it. When you've got seven days recorded, please submit to If we decide to use your journal, we'll notify you via email. Confidentiality guaranteed, but we would like to publish your age and your city for context.

Read our first sex journal here.

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