Dr. Christiane Northrup On Improving Your Post50 Sex Life

For many post50s, sex at midlife is a concept sure to trigger fears of declining physical attraction and panic over new challenges as old certainties are left behind. As a result, couples often find themselves struggling to ignite a waning flame in the bedroom, or worse, resigning themselves to a sexless relationship.

Noted author and physician Dr. Christiane Northrup wants post50s to know that, regardless of what society says, the excitement and passion that once defined your sex life does not have to be a memory relegated to the past -- midlife can be a time of unmatched sexual expression and emotional fulfillment.

Following a career as a practicing physician in obstetrics and gynecology for over 25 years, Northrup has dedicated the second half of her life to exposing everything that can go wrong with the female body to illuminate everything that can go right.

Huff/Post50 recently caught up with the good doctor to talk about spicing things up in the bedroom and get her advice on how couples can open the doors to the most pleasurable, life-enhancing and sexually fulfilling period of their lives.



5 Ways Post50s Can Improve Their Sex Life