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Sex Magic: Fuel Your Dreams Into Reality

I came across sex magic in the context of my tantric studies and teacher training a number of years ago. I've learned to marry my orgasmic energy with an intention to manifest what I wanted to bring into reality.
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Sex Magic! What is it? How does it work? Actually, does it really work? It's been talked about and practiced in some places on the globe for millennia. Yet what relevance and implications does it have for us today?

I came across sex magic in the context of my tantric studies and teacher training a number of years ago. That is when I learned about the power of sexual energy as creative force and how to cultivate and channel that energy. I learned to marry my orgasmic energy with an intention to manifest what I wanted to bring into reality.

The business of creating our reality has been of course brought into the spot light via the popularization of the Law of Attractionthrough the movie The Secret as promoted by modern success leaders such as Jack Canfield, Abraham Hicks, Joe Vitale, and many others. While these leaders teach about how to direct desire and raise emotional vibration in order to achieve one's goal, they don't speak, however, "to the power of sexual desire used to fuel to have our wildest dreams come true. This is the secret beyond the secret: sex magic," as my colleagues and friends, Baba Dez Nichols and Kamala Devi, wrote in their book Sexual Healing: The Shaman Method of Sex Magic.

So let's look more deeply at what's meant by sex magic. Baba Dez' and Kamala's take on it is that

... sex magic is a spiritual practice that uses sexual desire to manifest tangible effect in the physical world. One of the most powerful experiences that we have as human beings is orgasmic energy, and if we can pair it with intent, then we can direct the most powerful manifesting force available on earth.

Let's listen to another master in the field of sex magic - she wrote a whole book on it, called The Art of Sexual Magic. The author of course is Margo Anand, one of the pioneers of the modern Tantra movement in the West. She writes:

... basic principles of sexual magic [are]: generating sexual energy as a fuel, or power, for making magic and realizing your personal goals. ..... by planting the seeds of your deepest desires in states of heightened orgasm you create the alchemy through which they become reality ...

In this post I'd like to offer a practical approach to Sex Magic so you at home can explore via solo or partner practice as you see fit. The steps I am suggesting here for your sex magic ritual apply to both, doing the practice by yourself or with your partner.

Here we go:
1. Create a space where you are undisturbed for an hour. This is a time is for you to cherish yourself and your partner. Make this a sacred ritual: set the room up with candles and flowers; have your favorite music playing supporting a serene and meditative space.

2. Come into conscious breathing in a sitting position. The breath allows energy to flow effortlessly throughout your body and between partners. The breath assists in channeling your sexual energy in the sex magic ritual. (To learn more about conscious breathing you may want to check out TantraNova's Foundational Practices CD). If you are with your partner breathe together in a synchronized way.

3. Set an intention! Reflect on what you'd like to create in your life, work, family, intimate relationship with yourself or with your partner. Give yourself time to become clear. Listen to each other intentions if you are sharing this experience with your partner. Acknowledge any concern, fears or discomfort you may experience. By acknowledging what's there for you often lessens the charge. This allows for a sense of being heard and feeling safe.

4. To raise your energy lie down and come back to conscious breathing. Breathe your energy from your sexual center up to your crown center on the inhalation and back down and out again on the exhalation. Touch yourself or each other to arouse your senses and energy. Keep listening to yourself and to each other. Keep breathing while circulating your energy within yourself as well as with your partner.

5. Let the orgasmic energy flow without climaxing. While riding the wave of orgasmic flow and joy call in your intention of what you'd like to create in your life. Imbue your intention with your orgasmic life force energy. Stay in that flow as long as you like and can. The ritual is particularly powerful if you don't climax. This way the energy gets channeled into your creation.

6. Slow down! Come to stillness! Keep breathing and circulating within or with your partner.

7. Upon completion acknowledge to yourself or share with your partner how you feel and what's shown up for you.

To learn more about conscious breathing and circulating sexual energy you may want to check out TantraNova's Foundational Practice CD and The Discovery of Sexual-Spiritual Connection DVD

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