Sex Will Change Totally, Liza Mundy Predicts In New Book 'The Richer Sex'

The main proposition of Liza Mundy's new book "The Richer Sex," excerpted in TIME this week and on sale March 20, is that women will ultimately become the primary earners in a majority of American households -- and that this will profoundly affect personal relationships between men and women, including their sex lives.

Mundy introduces her discussion of this mini sexual revolution (discussed in a chapter called "Sex and the Self-Sufficient Girl") by challenging the enduring notions that men want sex more than women and that women have sex to secure men's commitment. She argues that the "Big Shift," as she calls the transition to women becoming the breadwinners in most households, makes it clearer than ever that these dated notions are all wrong.

Here are just a few Mundy's predictions for our sexual future. For more, pick up a copy of "The Richer Sex."

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