Keeping Up With Sex Scandals: Trevor Noah Lists 'The Pervs'

"The Daily Show" host runs down some of the sex-crimes allegations in the news.

The news has been full of reports of sex-crimes accusations against priests, patriots, politicians and pop stars, or as “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah calls them, “the pervs.”

Noah had something to say on Monday’s show about a number of cases:

R. Kelly, singer: “After years and years of alleged sex crimes, R. Kelly may finally be facing justice. And it almost feels strange that they got him after all these years, you know. It’s like if Wile E. Coyote finally caught the Road Runner.”

Abusive Roman Catholic priests: “The pope has threatened abusive priests with the wrath of God. That is the ultimate ‘just wait till your dad gets home.’”

Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire: “Think about how crazy this is. There is a member of Trump’s Cabinet who has helped a billionaire sex offender sweep a scandal under the rug. And the story is flying almost completely under the radar, because there’s another billionaire having another sex scandal at the same time, also in Florida.”

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots: “What are you doing paying for sex in a strip mall in Florida? You own the Patriots! You could walk into any strip mall in Boston and get a hand job for free.”

Check out the video above.