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Sex: Should You Schedule It In Advance?

Do you schedule sex? If so, how far in advance?
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To the beauty and health regimens now making the rounds in anticipation of New Year's Resolutions, The Frisky has created yet another list for women to fret over: "The Sex in 7 Days Regimen." It's based on the premise that "while guys just change their T-shirt and they're ready to go, I have to endure an entire prep-for-sex checklist. Isn't it infuriating?" The author then goes on to share her checklist, which includes everything from drinking laxative tea -- two cups a day will leave you 'depleted like a sorority girl' as my friend says," writes the author -- to nightly masturbation (as long as you are in bed by 11).

Jennifer Wright over at The Gloss was ambivalent, at best, about the seven-day out schedule: "I legitimately just change my t-shirt and am good to go," she writes, adding, "I am worried that if I had to remember to do all of this before having sex I would never have sex again. But the idea of sex as something to look forward to is ... nice!"

The Frisky isn't the first to suggest scheduling sex in advance (though the seven-step prep process including approved and unapproved pre-sex foods, skin care tips, and vitamins perhaps takes it to another level.) A February 2009 Consumer Reports poll of 1,000 U.S. adults found 45 percent of respondents reported planning trysts with their partners in advance.

While some critics see scheduling sex as the "end of spontaneity," others see it as a positive component of a healthy relationship. Dr. Eli Coleman, professor and director of the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School, told ABC News in a segment about the Consumer Report findings that scheduling and prioritizing sex can revitalize a romance once the initial excitement has worn off. However, she cautions that couples shouldn't feel obligated to follow through if they aren't in the mood: "Psychologically it is not erotic to feel pressured. It's not erotic to go through the motions when your mind and heart really isn't there."

POLL: We want to know: Do you schedule sex? If so, how far in advance?

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