Sex Study: Chicago Residents Have Fewest Sexual Partners, Wish They Were Getting More

Blame it on the long winters, or something: a new study by the Trojan condom folks reveals some good news -- and plenty of depressing news -- about the state of sexual activity in Chicago.

Among the ten major cities surveyed, Chicagoans were tied for last (with Philadelphia, sadly) in the number of sexual partners we've had -- the 200 Chicagoans asked had slept with an average of around 10 people in their lifetimes, compared to a nationwide average of 13. We've also had by far the fewest partners for oral sex (fewer than nine) and anal sex (fewer than two).

Respondents from the city were also more likely than anywhere else to be wishing they had more sex. 71 percent of Chicagoans wished they had sex much more often or somewhat more often, while only five percent wished they had sex somewhat or much less often.

Oddly enough, we are having plenty of sex, though: Chicagoans get laid an average of 114 times a year, or better than twice a week. That put us tied for third place with New York, trailing Houston (125 times a year) and those lascivious Los Angelenos, who (at least claim to) have sex 135 times a year. We also have the highest frequency of anal sex of any city, at an average of 15 times a year or more than once a month.

Despite the frequency, we're eighth out of 10 in satisfaction level, with only 75 percent of respondents saying they're "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with their sex lives. Quantity, unfortunately, does not equal quality.

And fully 15 percent of Chicagoans have never had an orgasm, the second-highest total of any city. Only New Yorkers have got us beat in frigidity, with 16 percent missing out on climax.

A major point to our credit, though: we're honest between the sheets. Only 36 percent of us have ever faked an orgasm; the second place in that category, San Francisco, was a full five points higher at 41 percent. Los Angeles, city of actors, had the highest fake-orgasm average, with 51 percent indicating they'd faked it.

We get our sexual recommendations from the people we know: 35 percent of Chicagoans met their sexual partner through a friend or family member, the highest of any city surveyed. We're also most likely to meet a partner at the gym, working out, or playing sports (if this included watching sports at a bar, we bet the number would be way higher).

The Trojan study, conducted by StrategyOne, asked 2,000 people from ten major cities: 200 each from Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston and Philadelphia. 944 respondents were male; 1,056 were female.