Sex Surrogate Cheryl Cohen Greene: Disabled People Must Redefine Intimacy (VIDEO)

For disabled people who might have limitations to physical intimacy, solutions can come from women like Cheryl Cohen Greene, a surrogate partner in sex therapy who works with clients who "have concerns about how they function sexually."

Greene's work as a sex surrogate, which can include having intercourse with patients, inspired Helen Hunt's character in the critically-acclaimed 2012 film "The Sessions." About 10 percent of the people she works with have visible handicaps.

"For most people, they've never had anything but attendant care, meaning they get dressed, they get bathed, they get taken care of, but their sexual needs are never addressed," Greene told HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps. "What they want to know is, 'What am I capable of?' My hope is they can transfer that into a relationship."

Most common for Greene are issues regarding erections, ejaculation and the way disabled men can create a viable sexual relationship with a partner, which often means expanding their definition of sex.

"People focus on penis and vagina sex, and that's sex to them. And sex to me is kissing, touching, holding, talking to each other, sharing fantasies with each other," she said. "We define it in such a limited way that people think it's intercourse, and that's it."

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