'Sex Tape' Director Jake Kasdan Explains How YouPorn Helped His Film

'Sex Tape' Got A Helping Hand From YouPorn

When "Sex Tape" director Jake Kasdan needed a little help understanding the ins and outs of amateur pornography, he called in the big guns -- the staff of YouPorn.

The film, which hits theaters July 18, stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a couple whose private sex tape accidentally makes it into the hands of all their friends. When Kasdan dropped by HuffPost Live to discuss the film, he talked with host Ricky Camilleri about the sex tape research he had to do. Part of that research came with the help of one of the Internet's most popular porn sites.

"There's a sequence in the movie having to do with YouPorn and the threat of YouPorn, which is a huge, huge porn company website," Kasdan said. "They play prominently in the movie, and we were actually working with YouPorn on one sequence -- we needed their cooperation -- working with them to the extent that we were hoping they would help us out a little bit, and they did."

As it turns out, the machinery behind the world of user-submitted porn is much more sophisticated than Kasdan expected.

"[YouPorn] had a lot to tell us about how technically it all works, in terms of how this all works on the Internet, and that was really interesting actually," he said. "It turns out [people upload videos] so frequently and in such volume that those websites are just some of the biggest on Earth, and the technology to keep them running is worldwide. It was much more like a tech company than like a porn company."

Catch the full HuffPost Live conversation with "Sex Tape" director Jake Kasdan below.

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