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Sex Toy Confused For Mushroom In Chinese Village Of Liucunbu (VIDEO)


It's not safe for consumption.

ABC News reports that a sex toy was confused for a mushroom in the Chinese village of Liucunbu, outside the city of Xi’an.

When villagers drilling a well shaft found the object, they called a local TV station, which sent over a reporter to cover the discovery. They thought they had discovered a rare fungus.

"It has an eye and a nose, but we don’t know what it is,” one of the villagers tells the Chinese reporter, according to an English translation from ABC.

But this was no miraculous mushroom. Several viewers pointed out the mysterious object was actually an artificial vagina -- a sex toy -- The Mirror notes.

"Ignorance is horrible. How can the reporter mistake a sex toy for fungus?" one viewer commented on his Weibo microblog, according to the Mirror.

The station responded by essentially throwing their reporters under the bus, saying they were "young and unfamiliar with worldly affairs."

But Kotaku insists it couldn't have been all the reporters' fault.

"The reporter most certainly had a crew, an editor, a producer and others involved in the story—this was not rogue sex toy confusion," Kotaku writes.

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