Introducing The Semenette, A New Sex Toy That Aims To Help Lesbian Couples Conceive A Baby

This New Sex Toy Aims To Help Lesbian Couples Conceive A Baby

There are numerous options for lesbians to conceive a child, but it can come at the expense of thousands of dollars for in vitro fertilization or a lack of intimacy if you're using a turkey baster. But there's a new toy in town that could help you conceive and feel closer to your partner without breaking the bank.

Stephanie Berman, the owner, president and creator of the Semenette, told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd on Friday that as much as she and her wife wanted to conceive their daughter by way of reciprocal IVF, they didn't have the financial means to do so. As an alternative, Berman created the Semenette, which she said allowed her to feel more involved in the process.

"It wasn’t just me squirting a turkey baster," Berman said. "It was her and I actually really feeling connected and involved, and since I wasn’t the carrying partner, this allowed me to really feel like I had that bond in conceiving our daughter."

The Semenette's website assures customers that no liquids are included. Instead, women procure semen on their own terms, load it into the toy and get busy. The toy costs nearly $140 and is a "novelty sex toy with specifically designed inner tubing embedded inside with an attached pump intended for people to be able to mimic intercourse and ejaculation," according to Semenette's website.

Berman said her product isn't just for lesbians, but other communities as well, like those who are transgender. But while some are upset over the Semenette's phallic look, Berman said she's received "incredible" support.

"I’m really working to evolve the product to meet everyone's need," she said.

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