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Sex Toys: Find Out Which State Still Outlaws Them

The creators of Ms. Piglet, an inflatable blow-up sex doll, probably had many uses in mind when they conceived of her, but chances are they never thought she'd grace the floors of an Attorney General's office--at least not as a political ploy.

But in November 2007, Ms. Piglet was sent to Troy King, the Alabama Attorney General, as part of the "Sex Toys for Troy" campaign. The brainchild of Loretta Nall, a former libertarian gubernatorial candidate and political activist, the campaign is in protest to the state's Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act, which prohibits the sale of any device that is used "for the stimulation of human genital organs."

Yes, that's right dear lovers of Rabbits, Magic Wands, Power Dancers, and Ms. Piglets, the Heart of Dixie wants to make the electrical orgasm illegal.