Sex Trafficking in Michigan

"Michigan ranks No. 2 for human trafficking sex trade" or so I read.

Then I read about the Human Trafficking commission set up by Governor Synder and also learned more about the Michigan Human Trafficking Taskforce.

My research shows that there are a handful of organizations in Michigan, whose sole purpose is to raise awareness and provide support to survivors of sex-trafficking. I also found that each month there is one activity or another, in local churches and other venues, focused on identifying victims of sex-trafficking and resources that are available to victims.

However, when asked if in their opinion is Michigan number 2, most of them answered with "I don't know or "I don't believe so".

Also, I found that these organizations face tremendous challenges. These range from lack of people and lack of money, to lack of corporate and community engagement.

One person told me that although they want to set up a home, they lack funding to make it happen, and that their lack of resources makes it difficult for them to engage in active fundraising. It's the classic chicken and the egg situation, how do you get in front of corporate sponsors to ask for money if you don't have paid people actively engaged in raising money?

I remain on this journey to learn more and share what I learn.

In the meantime, a huge shoutout to all the organizations and the people actively working to raise awareness and to help victims and survivors of sex-trafficking.

Together, let's make it our goal to save just one more victim, and raise awareness to prevent future victims. Find an organization in your neighborhood and donate your time and money. Trust me when I tell you that most of them will love having you on board, and engaged.