This Man Is Having Sex With A Car Tailpipe. Enjoy?

This video is reportedly going viral -- but the car itself hasn't yet been tested.

Below you'll see a video of a man, reportedly in Brazil, making love with a car's exhaust pipe. Our friends over at BroBible already came up with all the puns we might have used, so we're not gonna go there.

Just watch the thing that you came here to watch:

And before you start drinking the hatorade, remember that this is completely normal behavior. To be sure, we at HuffPost Weird News have covered all sorts of men who enjoy -- and even build their lives around -- having sex with inanimate objects. Here's a brief cross-section, from a roundup we wrote in 2013:

  • Edward Smith, of Washington State, may be the king of car coitus. He claims to have had sex with more than 1,000 vehicles, including his favorite, the helicopter from the 1980s TV hit, "Airwolf" (photo below). He said he doesn't have eyes for men or women, but man, his 1993 Ford Ranger Splash has some junk in the trunk. "I'm a romantic," he said. "I know what's in my heart and I have no desire to change." Maybe he just wants a hummer.

sex with inanimate objects

  • Nobody knows watercraft quite like Edwin Tobergta. The Ohio man was caught getting freaky with his neighbor's pink inflatable raft in September, 2011. When he was caught pink-handed, he reportedly begged the neighbor for mercy and said he "has a problem." He was arrested, and the raft was found deflated and ashamed in the backyard.

  • Another Ohioan, Art Price, was caught on camera having sex with a picnic table in public, Fox News reported in 2008. Why the videographer recorded Price's chair chafing four times before sending the footage to police is beyond us.
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