New Yorkers Have America's Sexiest Accents, According To Brits

Maybe they're hearing us wrong.
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New Yorkers may not be the sexiest people in the world, but at least they have the sexiest accents in America.

Wait... what?!

It's a bit difficult to imagine Americans saying that New Yorkers have the sexiest sound in our country, but visitors from the United Kingdom actually think so. New Yorkers have the sexiest accents in America, while Boston accents sound the most "intelligent," according to a recent British Airways survey of U.K.-based travelers.

For the survey, researchers had 1,000 travelers listen to sound clips of different American accents and rate them for sexiness. The clips included voices from pretty much all major U.S. cities, like San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta, but New Yorkers' accents took the top prize for sex appeal.

Meanwhile, in a recent poll for sexiest accents in the whole world (see video below), the Brits themselves topped the list. So feel free to visit the U.K., listen up, and try your hand at a new sound -- or just make like a New Yorker and fuhgettaboutit.

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