Sexist Super Bowl Ads: Women React On Twitter

Super Bowl commercials are now one of the most anticipated parts of the big game, but that doesn't mean the ads are always clever. Sex sells and -- if some Super Bowl advertisers are to be believed -- so does sexism. In anticipation of this year's game, we compiled eight of the most sexist Super Bowl adsever. Unfortunately, many of this year's commercials used the same unimaginative and sex-saturated plot lines.

The internet domain registrar GoDaddy -- whose ads are notorious for treating women as attractive objects -- produced one of this year's most backward ads, creating an uproar on Twitter over the depiction of a kiss between a "sexy" female and "smart" male.

Audi, too, made a serious misstep with a prom-themed commercial in which a high school boy kisses his crush -- without her permission -- and returns home a "brave" hero.

Miss Representation, a documentary and campaign to change the way women and girls are portrayed in the media, encouraged Twitter users to use the hashtag #notbuyingit in response to sexist commercials and the products they hawk.

So what did you think? Look at what some women on Twitter said.

LOOK: Women React On Twitter To Sexist Super Bowl Ads