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Sexting and the Effects It Can Have on Relationships

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Our world has gotten very liberal with the way we function in many relationships as well as what societal norms teach us is okay. One of the ways a lot of people keep relationships fun, alive, and really exciting is a term we use as "sexting." Sexting is when you send your mate, potential mate or someone to just flirt with a text message that has sexual content attached or within its textual wording. This can be a way to lure someone into your life or simply keep your relationship or marriage from getting stale. I believe this is a good and easy way to turn your mate on and safely prime them for sexual pleasures with you!

What harm can it be to send sexy pictures of yourself to someone you love or someone you might date in the future? Well, actually I would err on the side of caution if you are not in a long-term relationship or marriage. I am all for this kind of foreplay and sexiness and strongly encourage you to send these types of messages only to people who you can completely trust. The downfall of sending a sexting message to the wrong person can completely destroy your reputation, cost you your career and terminate other friendships and potentially harm your life while countless others judge you if the wrong person posts videos or pictures of sexual content that you send. I have heard of people getting fired immediately once risky pictures went viral on social media and some of you may have as well? I also encourage you to not send any type of content to anyone you just meet as they may not be telling the truth of their relationship status and you could end up destroying a perfectly healthy relationship. Some men and women love to see how far they can go with a new flirt, without actually cheating. However, in some people's minds this is a way of cheating without actually physically touching another human being. To each his own when it comes to defining boundaries and what is acceptable and what is not. Just be cautious and have fun if you feel in your gut you can trust the person you are sexting!

On the bright side of sexting and you being flirtatious, it could certainly enhance your sexuality, creativity and fulfill sexual fantasies for you while you create your kinky content to send. The person receiving your messages usually gets turned on and you two begin to manifest what your evening, next getaway or meeting with entails. Lots of women use props, lingerie, and pose in certain provocative positions to get a specific reaction from their partners. All in all remain open to sending and receiving these types of messages, if this is a way to openly communicate with a partner and you both feel comfortable doing it then keep on sending. Never push your beliefs of what you like on someone else, unless they are ok with trying something new!

Good luck in creating the type of fun you want to have and be sure to let your significant other know how the experience made you feel. When they receive positive feedback from you, they are more likely to sext you again, soon. Just be yourself and have fun creating.