Sexual Abuse: WKU Students Walk In High Heels To Raise Awareness For Violence Against Women

Frat Boys Walk Mile In High Heels To Raise Awareness For Sexual Violence Against Women

For a group of male college students, raising money for rape awareness wouldn’t suffice. Instead, they decided to walk a mile in the shoes of the women they support -- literally.

More than 50 members of a Western Kentucky University fraternity slipped into five-inch red heels and trekked a mile around campus to draw attention to violence against women, WBKO reports.

“It’s really steep, it hurts on the heels a little bit,” Bryan Hartzell, Interfraternity council president, told the news outlet. “But, again, you gotta remind yourself the whole time, it’s for a good cause.

The event helped raise $1,000 for Hope Harbor, a nonprofit that offers counseling to victims of sexual assault.

"Instead of just saying oh yeah, we'll support them or something,” John Sanders, a Student Activities Graduate Assistant, told WBKO, “we're actually showing a physical movement that you know, we will stand up and fight for our women.”

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