A Grandfather's Abuse: 'This Is How Grandpas Check Little Girls' (VIDEO)

“I always slept in the same bed with Peggy and Joe, in the middle,” Ashley, now 30 years old, recalls of her frequent childhood sleepovers with her grandmother and step-grandfather. “I would feel Joe take my underwear off. He would start rubbing my leg. He told me, ‘It’s OK. This is how grandpas check little girls.’ So I didn’t fight it.” Ashley says Joe raped and molested her over 500 times throughout a decade and was eventually convicted of 151 counts of sexual misconduct and sentenced to more than 250 years in prison. “My grandmother knew it was happening the whole time. She let my grandpa rape me,” she says of the woman she considered her best friend. “I am mad at Peggy. She knew and threw me to the wind like I was nothing to her.”

Peggy says Ashley is a liar and adamantly denies that her husband hurt her. “I didn’t see any sexual thing between Joe and Ashley. If there was, Joe wouldn’t be alive today. I’d have probably already killed him,” she says. “I really loved my granddaughter, but all I got was a stab in the heart. She ruined my life.”

Ashley and Peggy, who haven’t seen each other in more than seven years, face off on Dr. Phil’s stage. “[Ashley] waits until she’s 22 years old to holler rape,” Peggy says in the video above.

“You never had any idea in your mind that he might have done this?” Dr. Phil asks Peggy.

“No,” she says. “There was one time, and that was at the motel, but his hand was over her leg.”

Dr. Phil questions Peggy further. “You wake up in the middle of the night, your husband is on his knees at the bed of a child with his hand on her leg, and that doesn’t go ding, ding, ding ding with you?” he asks.

On Dr. Phil Thursday, Peggy storms off the stage. And on Friday, will Ashley get the apology she’s looking for? Check here for local listings.