Sexual Cannibalism In Animals Explained By Dr. Carin Bondar In New 'Wild Sex' Series (VIDEO)

WATCH: After Sex, She Eats His Face

If you thought the sex scenes in the popular erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" were wild, you should have a look at praying mantises going at it. Sex for these little creatures is not only kinky, but also gruesome.

Believe it or not, sexual cannibalism (when one partner kills and eats the other during copulation) is common among spiders as well as mantises. Need to see it to believe it? Just check out the first episode of biologist Dr. Carin Bondar's new web series titled "Wild Sex."

“We hit topics hard, and not just for the quirk factor, but because there is a lot of cool science behind so many strange mating rituals," Bondar told Scientific American about the new show.

And if sexual cannibalism isn't freaky enough for you, forthcoming "Wild Sex" episodes are slated to explore 11-day-long copulation among soapberry bugs and the world's longest penis, measuring in at around 45 feet.


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