How Sexual Energy Helps Arouse Our Creative Genius

Five years ago, I stumbled into a new way of life on the wave of a force so strong that it was impossible for me to ignore. I discovered a whole new pathway to my creative genius and energy -- while sexting.
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Five years ago, I stumbled into a new way of life on the wave of a force so strong that it was impossible for me to ignore. I discovered a whole new pathway to my creative genius and energy -- while sexting.

My transformation started in January 2010. I was sitting at my desk and feeling very excited because an editor from a regional health and beauty magazine was coming to interview me about the holistic treatments I offered at my wellness studio. While I waited for her to show up, my lover and I passed the time by sending fun, sexy emails back and forth. Soon, though, I realized I only had a few more minutes before my guest was supposed to arrive.

"We'd better stop. My interview starts soon and I want to be emotionally prepared,"
I wrote.

"No, don't stop," he wrote back. "Use the sexual creative energy in your interview!"


The idea intrigued me. Could I really use my sexual energy in my interview? I had heard of other holistic practitioners -- such as Reiki masters -- who use energy in their work for healing and creating balance for their clients, but it was not something I had ever explored before.

When the editor arrived, we began with a tour around my wellness studio. She looked relaxed and curious as we made our way to the different therapy rooms. As we walked, I tried to capture the sexual energy I had been feeling earlier and let it emanate from me in the form of enthusiasm, confidence, creativity and self-assurance. I wasn't trying to flirt or be sexy, but I was definitely getting my mojo on.

At first, I felt a little silly, but before long, my efforts seemed to have a palpable effect on my guest as I told her about my work and my passion. I could feel her own energy lifting as she responded in kind, telling me about her dreams and experiences. We spent hours together, well beyond our scheduled time, chatting about health, wellbeing, and opportunities to work together on upcoming projects.

As soon as she left, I started researching. If exuding sexual energy was always so powerful and effective, I wanted to know all about it.

In my reading, I learned that sexuality is the highest form of transmutable energy. In other words, we all have the ability to transfer our creative sexual energy into other areas of our life for the purpose of achieving wealth, happiness, love, health, and any other positive benefits we seek.

Photographer: Craig White

While sexual energy is the highest form of transmuted creative energy, there are actually ten major stimuli according to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich. Hill explains,

"The human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be 'keyed up' to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, etc. The stimuli to which the mind responds most freely are:

1. The desire for sex expression
2. Love
3. A burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain, money
4. Music
5. Friendship between either those of the same sex, or those of the opposite sex
6. A Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony of two or more people who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement
7. Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are persecuted
8. Auto-suggestion
9. Fear
10. Narcotics and alcohol"

The desire for sexual expression sits at the head of Hill's list of stimuli because it most effectively increases the vibrations of the mind. This allows us to use our sexual thoughts, desires, and emotions to evoke creativity, enthusiasm, and imagination. Every time we use our sexual creative energy, therefore, we are in the process of manifesting beneficial and motivating ideas for realizing our hopes and dreams.

Photographer: Craig White

That evening while I closed up the studio, I marveled at how confident and creative I felt during the interview. I thought about my lover, my sexuality, and my future, and I decided to be more open to exploring my sexual energy in new ways -- because I knew that my dreams and my happiness were worth pursuing, no matter how new and unfamiliar the path seemed.

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