Sexual Flow, Money

Does you money flow feel stuck? Is your creativity blocked? Chances are your sensual energy flow is stuck too. Sexual energy is the primary source of our creativity and productivity. Did you know that sexual arousal which is generated by our genitals stimulates some pretty amazing neurotransmitters that wake up all of our creativity centers? This amazing life force energy is generated by our relationship with our genitals and our ability to have arousal in our lives. Does that sound crazy? Maybe. Buy you have access to this amazing inner pharmacy that is attached to your genitals and learning how to access it can not only make you happier, it can make you richer.

We just don't study pleasure in our world - we only study trauma and pain. Try looking at it this way, sex in it's original form is all about making babies. It's about the creation of "new life". Now where is that energy going when you are not making babies? The energy is still there --- so where are you going to direct it? How about into your business? The stronger your relationship with your arousal and sexuality --- the more creation energy you will have to drive into the projects that mean the most to you--which will convert to more financial flow.

If you are stuck in sex and frightened to be seen, it's hard to get out there and move your financial picture. When we can become safe in our bodies and connect with our genitals in an emotionally open way, we are more open to being seen and taking chances. Financial creativity is all about being seen and taking chances. We need our relationship with our sex to be open and flowing -- so our money will flow too.

The downside is if we do not use our sexual energy, tamp it down and numb it out --- we are also tamping down our financial success, as well as our happiness and over all wellness. The result? Women are the biggest users of anti-depressants in the world and women tend to be the most shamed and shut down around their sexuality.

When we are able to correct our relationship to our bodies and our sexual energy everything can change.

Sex and money are connected. How’s your flow?

Pamela Madsen runs retreats around the world to help women re-connect to their bodies and sensuous nature and is author of the book; “Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Somehow Got Home in Time to Cook Dinner” (Rodale 2011). Pamela’s ground breaking work with women has recently been featured in “O” Oprah Magazine.

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