Sexual Peak: Do Women Hit Their Sex Prime at 28?

Do Women Have A "Sexual Prime'"?

Are you in your sexual prime? If you’re around 28 years old, according to a recent survey, the answer is yes.

Through a poll of 1,281 British men and women, British sex toy company Lovehoney found that women have their best sexual experiences around 28 while men “peak” at 33, the Daily Mail reported. This (unscientific survey) contradicts the oft-cited conventional wisdom that women peak sexually in their 30s, while men hit their sexual prime at 18. The poll also found that women and men both reported having the most sex in their 20s -- 25 for women, 29 for men.

Relationship expert Tracey Cox told the Daily Mail that the survey’s findings make sense because it takes time to learn what you want out of sex and how to get it. “We tend to have the most sex at the start of relationships when desire is fresh, and the best sex once we’re more in tune with our bodies and our partner,” she said. “Despite the female sexual system being far more complex than a man’s, women are discovering what works and doesn’t faster than men.”

However, many have disputed that women and men even have a “sexual peak.” For starters, it's hard to define what constitutes your "sexual prime." In his book “Passionate Marriage,” clinical psychologist David Schnarch wrote: “The speed with which your body responds is only one measure of sexual prime. Your sexual peak has a great deal to do with who you are as a person.” Sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright expressed similar sentiments in a 2008 article for “Peaking hormones do not necessarily make for peak performance. Furthermore, physical and sexual primes are not one in the same … Peaks vary from person to person, with most people realizing their full passion potential in their ability to feel more sexually secure with themselves and their partners,” she wrote.

The upshot, it seems, is that sex at 28 -- and 33 -- can be great, but individuals' sexual experiences, personalities and levels of bodily comfort differ so much -- at any age -- that it's hard (and potentially problematic) to declare one age the best period in a person's sexual life.

Do you feel like you’ve reached your “sexual peak”? Or do you think the best is to come?

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