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Carolin 'Sexy Cora' Berger Dead: Porn Star Dies After Sixth Breast Enlargement Surgery (PHOTOS)


German porn star and "Big Brother" participant Carolin Berger a.k.a. "Sexy Cora" died last Thursday after her sixth breast enlargement operation to go from a 34F to a 34G, Sky News reports. She was 23.

Cora has been in an artificial coma since January 11 at a clinic in Hamburg. Sky News explains, "She went under the knife for the last time at the Alster Clinic and was having 800g (28oz) of silicone injected into each breast. But her heart stopped beating during the operation. She suffered brain damage and was put into an induced coma." Cora's husband Tim Wosnitza remarked, "The doctors told me that she wouldn't make it. The brain damage was too big."

According to CNN, two of the doctors who performed the surgery have been charged with negligent manslaughter. The clinic released a statement saying it is giving "full and complete support" to investigators:

"As matters stand currently a defect in the anesthetizing device can be ruled out....The claim that the monitoring could have given readings other than the actual vital functions of the patient has nothing to do with the facts and has no connection to reality. [....] Erroneous behavior by the doctors is unproven and at this point just an 'assessment' by one of the emergency medical personnel who'd brought [Cora] to the University Clinic Hamburg."

Sky News notes, Cora had her five previous surgeries in Poland at a clinic that refused to see her again for a sixth time.

Relatedly, Sheyla Hershey, the woman with the world's biggest breasts (size 38M), had doctors remove her four implants and much of her natural tissue last year in order to save her life from staph and strep infections.

Photos of Cora:

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