Here's The Sexy Donald Trump Costume You Never Wanted

Make America the MOST great this Halloween.
This is the sexy Halloween costume to trump all sexy Halloween costumes.
Tired of being a sexy cat or a sexy Santa? Well, you're in luck. For just $69.95, you can now snag the "Donna T. Rumpshaker" costume. The company peddling the costume never outwardly says that it's a sexy Donald Trump costume... but the flowing, golden Trump-esque wig accompanied by the "Making America Great Again" hat accessorizing the outfit suggests otherwise.
This costume isn't remotely surprising. Halloween costume retailers are always looking to sex-ify pop culture. This one's particularly great because in past years, we've gotten the obscene, the offensive, and the downright terrifying, but we haven't really gotten all three of those in one costume. Until now.
Doesn't this face just scream, "Make me a sexy Halloween costume!"?
Doesn't this face just scream, "Make me a sexy Halloween costume!"?
Congressional Quarterly via Getty Images
We're not sure if going as sexy Donald Trump is more groan-worthy or pure genius, but we are sure boyfriends/girlfriends of the world will be inclined to put up some walls around the brave few who choose to be this sort of elephant in the room.
So, for all you aspiring Donna T. Rumpshakers out there, here's a campaign slogan ready for the taking: "Give me candy or there will be hell toupee."
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