Sexy, Empowered and Free: How Your Money Can Make You Feel All Three

You know those moments that make you take a step back and congratulate yourself for how "adult" you are? Well, I had one of those moments this past Saturday... and you gotta try this!

As the sun started peaking through my living room windows Saturday morning (gotta love when you wake up early on the day you could sleep in) I sat quietly listening to the birds chirp and enjoying that time of day when it feels like the world hasn't started hustling just yet. Only a few people on the streets, and no one seems to be in much of a hurry. Saturday sweetness in full effect.

I did my usual morning routine: iced coffee poured, Fig (my dog) in my lap, journal on top of Fig (since he refuses to just sit next to me) and pen in hand. The words began to flow onto the page, and I noticed my thoughts moving towards money, again. This is a pattern that has been coming up for a few months now.

Every time it comes up, I want to ignore it. It's just not something that gets me very excited.

Wait. What?!

Money doesn't get me excited?! ummmm OK. I'm calling bullsh*t.

Money DOES get me excited. Very excited. It's an incredibly powerful tool that can help me create bigger waves in the world. Yea. I'm into that.

What I'm NOT always into... is sitting down and spending TIME with my money. Looking at the details of it all. Figuring out where it's going, where it's coming from and what I want to do with it next.

As much as I didn't wanna do it. I did it. I went through all of my personal and business finances from the beginning of 2015. It was a bit mind boggling at first, but once I got things goin' I was on a roll.

Four hours later, I knew exactly where all of my money was going, where it was coming from and what I wanted to do with it. Things were looking great! Boom. I was diggin' on that "adult" feeling... and feeling quite empowered and surprisingly sexy (bonus!).

FULL DISCLOSURE: I immediately emailed my financial adviser, proudly attaching my color-coded spreadsheet as if it were a piece of art work worthy of refrigerator real estate. Because it was!

Yes. That's about as "adult" as it gets with me.

Sooo...what IS it, exactly, that I think you just HAVE to try?

While I have no idea if you need to spend time with your finances (though it never hurts) I'm more interested in getting you to spend time with:

  • The thing that stresses you out plus keeps you up at night
  • The theme that keeps coming up when you get quiet
  • The conversation are you afraid to have
  • The thing that makes you feel like you're standing there naked, vulnerable and unsure

How many times have you convinced yourself that {insert your thing here} will just go away if you ignore it long enough? How many times has {your thing} come back to haunt you?

We live in a society that tells us to PUSH through and "keep your eye on the prize." How could you possibly have time to slow down and listen to your intuition when there is so much to get done?

Maybe, just maybe, in order for you to get that "prize," you first have to spend a bit more time HERE, in the present moment, with your "stuff."

Some time this week (maybe even today?!) I hope you can SLOW DOWN and take some time to listen to the whispers that may have gotten buried beneath your excuses, denial & fear.

Take a little time to tune IN and then be ready to step UP.

Will it be easy? No. But it won't be as difficult or scary as you think either.

BONUS POINTS: Leave a comment + let me know what you plan to face head-on this week. I'd love to cheer you on!

If you desire a little help slowing down, you might enjoy these bite-sized meditations (under five minutes each). Five minutes to Freedom are guided meditations (your's truly being the guide) that allow you to tune IN to what your Soul truly desires and then take ACTION from a space of clarity, connection and truth.

Always truth.

FREEDOM is yours for the taking. Click + take.

Be inspired,
~ Jenn