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These Sexy Food Halloween Costumes Make Us Extremely Uncomfortable (PHOTOS)

Whoever thought a skin-tight bacon dress was a good idea, we question your sanity.

There are a lot of types of Halloween costumes that we just don't understand, like babies dressed up as Heinz ketchup packets or cringe-worthy displays of inappropriateness. But one of the trends we're most confused about this year is "sexy" food costumes -- all of which leave us asking ourselves, WHY?

Seriously, who thought these were a good idea? Though a few are relatively innocuous (the candy dresses aren't exactly anything we've never seen before), others actually make us question whether anyone in their right mind is actually purchasing these Halloween options. What do you think of these sexy food Halloween costumes? Let us know in the comments!

Can Of Coca-Cola
We can't decide what looks the least comfortable here -- the obscenely high heels, the shirt-as-a-dress, or the miniature hat teetering on her forehead. Women's Coca Cola Dress Costume, $22.99 on Birthday in a Box
WHY. Way not enough fabric, way too large of a zipper, and way too much effort going on here. Sexy Banana Costume, $19.99 on
Especially convenient for those of us who don't enjoy carrying a purse. Adult Cupcake Costume, $35.41 on
Taking the whole 'sexy librarian' thing to a whole new level. Nerds Tank Dress Costume, $29.95 on Costume Craze
Hot Sauce
2013 has officially been the year of the hot sauce. Chinese Hot Sauce Costume, $16.99 on
Fortune Cookie
Sexy is definitely an overstatement. We'd probably say this more errs on the side of creepy. Fortune Cookie Costume, $28.99 on Halloween Express
NO NO NO. Guys, seriously, who thought this was an okay idea? Bacon Dress Costume, $56.99 on
Strawberry 'Sweetie'
Playboy meets childhood, and we're scarred for life.Strawberry 'Sweetie' Costume, $29.99 on Official Costumes
Chinese Takeout
Sorry, but the only kind of takeout we want is late-night Lo Mein. Chinese Takeout Adult Costume, $36.99 on
Tootsie Roll
Okay, this neckline is perhaps the most overt attempt at sexiness on this list. Also, nobody even likes Tootsie Rolls. Tootsie Roll Teardrop Dress Costume, $26.99 on
Bobbing For Apples
Again, much more creepy than 'sexy,' but alas is the gender gap. Bobbing For Apples Costume, $49.99 on Halloween Express
Heinz Tomato Ketchup
Instant Noodles
Ebay: bitterbeauty18
Every male college student's dream. Instant Noodles Dress Costume, $18.99 on Ebay
Red Jolly Rancher
In a surprising twist, this woman models a wrapper the size of that from the actual candy. Jolly Rancher Red Costume Dress, $48.99 on
Red M&M
Fun Dip
This one might make us the most uncomfortable on the list. The lack of straps. The lack of fabric. The Lik-a-Stik bracelet. The fact that Fun Dip is not even good enough to be made into a costume in the first place. Sexy Fun Dip Dress, $23.99 on

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