Sexy Gifts For Couples Who Are Feeling More Naughty Than Nice

Don't open these NSFW gifts around the in-laws.

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This NSFW gift guide will help you <em>ho ho ho</em> and <em>jingle those bells</em> with sex toys and sexessories you definitely don't want to open around the fam this holiday season.
This NSFW gift guide will help you ho ho ho and jingle those bells with sex toys and sexessories you definitely don't want to open around the fam this holiday season.

It’s no secret that a lot of people’s sex lives have been impacted by this pandemic. Even couples who live with their partner might be struggling to spice things up after spending an inordinate amount of time together at home.

Fortunately, the holiday season is here to help you ho ho ho and jingle those bells.

What could be nicer than a naughty gift to give your partner better sex? Whether you’re a couple with a good sense of humor, or a couple who prioritizes romance above all, there’s nothing wrong with giving your lover a gift you can both enjoy between the sheets.

Finding an adult toy that both you and your partner are comfortable using, satisfies your needs and fits within your budget can take some time to find. (If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got an ultimate guide to the best sex toys, according to enthusiastic reviewers).

For the couples who want a little more naughty and a little less nice, we’ve rounded up sex toys and other sexessories that’ll spice up your holidays. From CBD lube and remoted-controlled toys, to naughty cards and powerful hands-free vibes, there’s something here for every couple.

Take a look below at these sexy gifts for couples:

Lelo Sona
The Lelo Sona is a revolutionary clitoral massager that massages 75% more of the clitoris that other vibes out there. It uses sonic waves to stimulate above, beyond and underneath. It doesn't need direct clitoral contact to give you the best Os of your life. Get it at Lelo.
Lovehoney's Wild Weekend Mega Couple's Sex Toy Kit
This 11-piece sex toy set is one of Lovehoney's best-selling products of the holiday season. Get it at Lovehoney.
This hand-free clitoral vibrator
Dame Products
This hands-free vibrator has wings that tuck under the labia while Eva II sits on top. That means you can have clitorial stimulation during penetrative sex, while keeping your hands free.
Sexy coupons
With cards like "Nooner" and "Naked Chef," these 24 sexy coupons will heat the holidays right up. Get it on Etsy.
This Oh! To-Go Bag
Unbound Babes
Unbound's Oh! To Go Bag includes everything you need to have fun and safe sex on the go, including a mini vibe, jelly lube, clitoral jolt gel, g-spot stimulation serum, condoms and body wipes. Get it at Unbound.
CBD Hemp Oil Drops
Sexperts say that those who suffer from stress or performance anxiety in the bedroom can alleviate their symptoms with CBD oil. Some sexperts believe CBD oil, the non-psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant, could boost spontaneity and increase sensitivity to touch and sexual pleasure. This 15 percent CBD oil from Endoca is made with pure organic hemp, and it helps regulate everything from sleep and appetite to mood, pain and inflammation.
A top-rated clitoral vibrator
Ella Paradis
This risqué card
Etsy // rhubarbpaperco
A silky robe you won't want to take off
Get this Lunya washable silk robe in eight colors.
Orgasm balm
This silky-smooth balm heightens sensitivity in stimulating areas like the clitoris and nipples to increase your sensual experience, whether with a partner or during solo play. It's cherry scent is enticing enough to lick off your partner, so it's a good thing it's safe to consume, too. Get the Lovehoney Oh! Cherry Orgasm Balm here.
This remote-controlled vibe
This vibrator comes with ribbon-tie lace undies that feature a pocket perfectly sized for your new saddle-shaped vibrator. Its versatile design can be used at home for a fun night in, or wear it out and pass the control to your partner for a fantasy-filling night out. The controls work from up to 8 meters away.
Bangles that turn into handcuff restraints
Unbound Babes
When unstacked, these bangles convert into functional wrist restraints so any night can take a ~sexy~ turn.
Matching undies
Show off how good you look, together. Get them here.
Massage candle
Burn one of these beauties to ~set the mood~ and the melted all-natural soy wax, shea butter and apricot kernel oil turns into luxurious massage oil. (Just be sure to check the temperature before you try it out).
The Tor 2
This vibrating couple's ring enhances sensations for both partners.
Sex dust
This herby formula contains ingredients that relieve stress, boost energy, increase libido and promote vitality that'll "ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom." For what it's worth, it has a 4.1-star rating on Sephora, and nearly 81 percent of users would recommend it. Get Sex Dust by Moon Juice here.
The Tiani 2
Designed to be worn by women during sex, this sex toy has a remote control that makes it a great tool for couples interested in adventurous bedroom play.
A boudoir photo shoot
javi_indy via Getty Images
Make your partner feel extra special and sexy with their very own boudoir photo shoot. Here, you can find a boudoir photographer near you, as well as specify if you'd like an at-home shoot, whether you'd prefer a male or female photographer, as well as your budget constraints.
This sexy card
Etsy // ParadisePapercraft
This finger-held vibrator
Dame Products
This vibrator is designed to be worn between the fingers to add stimulation to the touch. It has three speeds, and is great for foreplay, sex or solo use.
A bondage kit
This bondage-for-beginners kit has everything you and your partner need to explore and have a fun night: blindfold, ball gag, flogger, and wrist and ankle cuffs.
The Ora 2
This sex toy simulates oral sex by offering a thrilling, teasing and "better-than-real" sensation -- though your partner might object. It's sure to be a toy you and your partner have a ton of fun with.
This too-real card
In A Nutshell Studio // Etsy
Get it here.
A massage candle
A necklace that turns into a whip
Unbound Babes
When unhooked, this necklace turns into a function (and stylish) accessory for light BDSM play.

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