There's A Sexy Kenneth Bone Costume Now Because We Have No Boundaries

Ken Bone is already sexy enough.

This is why we can’t have nice memes.

We all know Kenneth Bone ― the undecided voter who asked /"}}">Hillary Clinton and /"}}">Donald Trump at /"}}">presidential debate about energy policy. Despite Bone being inexplicably still undecided, we’ve grown to love his calm demeanor, his vibrant fashions, and toying with his existence on the internet.

Long live the #BoneZone, right?

Unfortunately for Bone, he entered the zeitgeist just weeks before Halloween. IZOD has already mostly sold out of the iconic red sweater he wore.

So, what’s a Bone fan supposed to do?

Well, in true Halloween spirit, Yandy has turned the Kenneth Bone uniform into, uh, a costume. They’re calling it the “Sexy Undecided Voter Costume.”

Yes, you read that right. It’s a sexy costume.

We have absolutely no idea why you’d want to go as a sexy Kenneth Bone for Halloween, particularly when the costume costs nearly $100. Oh, and the mustache looks more like Groucho Marx’s than it does dear Kenny Bone’s. 

The costume description says it features “an iconic red crop top with cap sleeves, a white cropped undershirt, blue high waisted pants with a back zipper closure, the must-have mustache, black glasses and a microphone.”

Apparently, Yandy started taking pre-orders on Tuesday and sold out its initial run “within four hours,” according to People. 

To this, we say: NO.

This costume and this entire election belong in one place and one place only:

Let good memes lie, friends. Just let them lie.



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