There Is Nothing Neighborly About This 'Sexy' Mr. Rogers Halloween Costume


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Well, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. That is, before we logged onto the internet.

Quite possibly the first Mr. Rogers-related thing we can’t get behind what’s being touted as this “sexy” Mr. Rogers Halloween costume (yes, really), currently ruining our childhoods being sold on Yandy.

No, we will absolutely not be this costume's neighbor.
No, we will absolutely not be this costume's neighbor.

The “nicest neighbor” costume, its real name, will set you back a neighborly $59.95. It includes a cropped version of Rogers’ famous cardigan, a detachable collar and necktie and what Yandy is calling high-waisted “shorts.”

For an additional $12.95, die-hard fans can also purchase a gray wig and two hand puppets meant to look like King Friday and the beloved Daniel Striped Tiger.

Yandy’s live chat feature came in handy, albeit to no avail, at a time like this.

I never did get attended to. 
I never did get attended to. 

You might remember Yandy as the purveyor of the costume classics we never wanted like sexy Jon Snow, sexy Melania Trump and the widely panned sexy Handmaid’s Tale outfit from 2018.

We prefer our Mr. Rogers cosplay not sexy, not on Halloween and preferably done exclusively by Tom Hanks, thank-you-very-much.