Sexy Older Women Model Bikinis To Encourage Body Confidence

"Don’t hide: have pride in your curves."

Hiding underneath a sarong or coverup on the beach? A new campaign featuring older women is designed to give you the body confidence you need to rock your bikini this summer.

UK-based retailer JD Williams has launched the campaign that asks women of all ages and sizes to proudly show off their bikini selfies. Heading up the effort are two post-50 models, Jilly Johnson and Nicola Griffin. Johnson, 62, and Griffin, 56 ― who you might recognize from her Sports Illustrated appearance ― say it’s time to throw caution ― and self-consciousness ― to the wind and own your age.

“Now I have a devil-may-care approach, even if I’m not quite as firm as I once was. We’re only on the planet a short time so we should make the most of it,” Johnson told The Telegraph. 

The duo stripped down to their swimsuits to empower other older women to do the same and to share their photos using the hashtag #mybikiniselfie. 

Griffin has a number of swimsuit photos posted on her Instagram account. “Don’t hide: have pride in your curves,” she recently wrote. 

JD Williams has long supported fashion for older women, starting the #StyleHasNoAge campaign featuring women over 50 and even featuring a line of lingerie to appeal to older women with the help of a 62-year-old model. 



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