This LGBTQ Show For The Whole Family Has The Perfect Explanation Of Drag Culture

“Drag has [always] been a vital part of queer history,"

Sez Me,” an amazing queer web series for people of all ages, is tackling the broad concept of “drag” though an open and heartwarming conversation.

Featuring drag performers Charmin Ultra, Acid Betty, Mary Jo Cameltoe, Miz Jade, Ryder Lickquor, Charlene and Miss Ohms, the latest episode of “Sez Me” asks each performer to reflect on what drag means to them. 

“Drag has [always] been a vital part of queer history,” creator Mor Erlich told HuffPost. “As Dragtivists and Dragvocates we celebrate it, and really wanted to show where it has evolved to, all the hard work and investment that goes into it, and how much this art form does have to do with identity.”

While “Sez Me” originally started solely as an LGBTQ web series for kids, it has evolved into a multidisciplinary educational program for people of all ages. Other videos in the series feature children paired with LGBTQ figures in order to destigmatize queerness and provide safe spaces for kids to explore their own.

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