SFO Yoga Room: Terminal Two Introduces A Zen Zone (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

NAMASTE: SFO Makes History With Its Newest Addition

We've never been shy about our love for SFO's terminal two. (Between the LEED certification, a cafeteria that rivals the Ferry Building and a vintage record exhibit, who would?) But the terminal's newest addition takes the cake.

On Thursday, SFO opened the doors to its new yoga room -- the jewel in the terminal's collection of truly San Francisco amenities.


The "zen room" will be open free-of-charge to ticketed passengers past the security gate. The room is dimly lit and is a shoe, noise and mobile phone-free zone, complete with yoga mats.

See pictures of the new yoga room in our slideshow and watch NBC's video below:

View more videos at: http://nbcbayarea.com.

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