Sgt. Anthony Rollins Allegedly Records Himself Torturing Girlfriend In Pocket Dial Blunder

Marine Allegedly Records Himself Torturing Girlfriend In Pocket Dial Blunder

A month after a 33-year-old California Marine allegedly fractured his girlfriend's skull, a chilling recording emerged, the result of the soldier supposedly pocket-dialing the woman during the incident.

"Stop crying "don't fight, it's only going to get worse," Sgt. Anthony Rollins allegedly tells the woman, according to court documents obtained by The Press-Enterprise.

Screams and "hitting sounds" followed this dialogue in the recording.

The victim had returned to her Murrieta home Nov. 30 after a night of drinking with her friends. She told police she awoke the morning after with a severe headache and experienced vomiting and slurred speech. She said Rollins explained to her that she'd drunkenly fallen down the stairs.

She was taken to the hospital on Dec. 3, and treated for skull fractures and bleeding in her brain.

Rollins was arrested and charged with domestic violence and torture in February, Murrieta Patch reported.

The woman told police she'd suspected the gunnery sergeant was behind the injuries but wasn't convinced until hearing the voicemail, which she found while reviewing the messages on her old phone. According to, the recording's time stamp matched the time the victim sustained the injuries.

Rollins pleaded not guilty to both charges on Thursday. He is being held on a $1 million bond and is due back in court April 3 for a preliminary hearing.

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