Sgt. Chris Duke Reunited With Rufus, Stray Dog That Saved His Life In Afghanistan

When a suicide bomber crept onto an American military base in Afghanistan in the middle of the night, intent on attacking a barracks where 50 soldiers slept, three stray dogs quickly came to the soldiers' rescue. The dogs, known by the names Rufus, Target and Sasha, barked to alert the sleeping soldiers of the danger, and bit the terrorist's leg to hold him back. Because of the dogs' deterrence, the bomber detonated the explosives before he could get inside the building.

The terrorist was killed -- along with Sasha, one of the dogs from the heroic trio of mutts. A handful of soldiers, along with Rufus and Target, were wounded by the blast, but miraculously, they were all alive -- thanks to the dogs' actions.

"There isn't a doubt in my mind [that the dogs] saved my life," said [Sgt. Chris] Duke, who was wounded by shrapnel -- and is now adopting Rufus.

The New York Post reports Sgt. Chris Duke is reuniting with Rufus at his home in Georgia, where the dog will come to live with the soldier and his family. Target, the other heroic animal that sprung to help the soldiers, is also being adopted -- by the Phoenix army medic who saved the dog's life from the injuries caused by the explosion.

The reunions are made possible by Robert's Cause and the Puppy Rescue Mission, two nonprofit organizations that have gotten involved to help Rufus and Target, and other animals caught up in the conflict in war-torn Afghanistan.