Canadian Band Sets Guinness World Record For Deepest Concert

The Shaft Bottom Boys of Sudbury, Ontario, sang their way into the record books on Saturday when they performed 6,213 feet below sea level.

When the Canadian band Shaft Bottom Boys performed this past Saturday, all of the songs were truly deep cuts.

That’s because the Sudbury, Ontario-based group performed a 50-minute concert 6,213 feet below sea level in Creighton Mine.

In the process, the four-man group set a Guinness World Record for “deepest concert.”

It’s a fitting honor since the band dresses in mining gear and describes itself on its Facebook page as a “novelty band” that is celebrating Sudbury’s deep mining history.

Vocalist Steve Atkins says the whole performance was a high point in his life.

“It was quite emotional when we went off the cage, and kind of just reflecting off of what happened. It was just surreal for us. I know that’s how I felt,” he told local radio station CICS-FM on Monday.

The record was also a point of pride for Sudbury, which was home to the record for a few months in 2007 before a heavy metal band named Agonizer broke the record by performing at a depth of 4,169 feet, 11 inches, in Finland.

The record attempt was part of a fundraiser for summer science camps and a charity called Miners for Cancer, according to

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