Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Fits Almost TOO Perfectly With Aerobic Dance Video

Um, 'Shake it Off' Syncs Up Perfectly With This '80s Workout Video

Makes sense that it's from 1988... 'cause the eighties gonna eight eight eight eight eight.

Taylor Swift may have pulled her music from online streaming services, but she can't stop people from making mashups using her tracks. And why would she want to, especially in this instance?

Some force in the universe wanted these two things to sync up with near perfection. Video creator Thomas Jung found a classic aerobic dance video from the '80s and, in a moment of what we can all assume was epiphanous Eureka, decided to pair it up with Swift's "Shake It Off."

Check out the finished product up top, and then go give your collection of '80s aerobic dance workout videos a big hug.

CORRECTION: This post previously stated that the aerobic dance video was from 1989. As perfect as that would have been, the video is actually from a 1988 aerobic dance competition.

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