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Shake Shack Brings A Crispy Chicken Sandwich To Brooklyn

Say hello to ChickenShack, Shake Shack's newest edible treasure, which was added to the menu on Tuesday. The crispy chicken sandwich is one of the first birds to join the chain's food selection, which is mostly comprised of cows and dogs (hot dogs, that is).


This exclusive chicken sandwich consists of antibiotic-free chicken breast, lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayonnaise and is available for a limited time, only at the chain's Brooklyn locations. It goes for $6.29.

If you're far from Brooklyn and trying to hold back the tears, let 'em roll. Brooklyn's "summer activities and festivities" perfectly suit the dish, Laura Enoch, the company's senior marketing manager wrote to The Huffington Post in an email.

Already-spoiled Brooklynites will also benefit from the restaurant's partner, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, a beloved Brooklyn-based pie shop that's exporting its goodies to be blended in a Shake Shack shake. The pie flavors change monthly and will be served for a limited time.

Incidentally, or perhaps not very, the ChickenShack landed on Shake Shack's menu not long after Momofuku's David Chang opened a trendy, East Village counter-service spot called Fuku, which specializes in fried chicken. Fuku has received a ton of buzz for its $8 spicy fried chicken sandwich. Costing a buck and a bit less, ChickenShack could give the upscale version a run for its money. Or, maybe, Manhattanites and Brooklynites will stick to their respective spots, repping their neighborhood's chicken sandwich with pride.

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