Shake Shack And The Phillips Collection To Deliver Art, Custard, Art-Inspired Dessert

WASHINGTON -- It's warm enough to enjoy a cold treat on the Shake Shack patio. It's always a good time to enjoy paintings at the Phillips Collection. It's the perfect time to combine your love of frozen dairy and your love of fine art.

Starting this Thursday, the Dupont location of the beloved burger and shake chain will be offering tastes of their abstract art-inspired dessert collections. Each of the three creations will have one week of "sneak tastes" before one is named winner at the May 2 Phillips after 5, where attendees will vote for their favorite dish.

The desserts sound good, and artsy: Abstract ESPRESSOnist, inspired by Alfonso Ossorio, features espresso custard blended with chocolate butter toffee and cinnamon marshmallow swirls -- it'll be on tap from April 11-17. SHACKson Pollock, inspired by -- you guessed it -- Jackson Pollock, involves coconut custard with raspberry jam swirls and lemon pound cake, and will be available from April 18-24. The final flavor, Salted Surrealism, inspired by Jean Dubuffet, is made of salted caramel banana custard and dark chocolate fudge ripple; taste it from April 25-May 1.

The winner will be served the week of May 6-12 at the Dupont Circle Shake Shack.

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