How To Tell If You Should Buy Shake Shack Stock, In 1 Simple Flowchart

Shake Shack went public today! Chef Danny Meyer's purveyor of delicious grilled cow flesh priced its initial public offering of stock at $21 per share. The stock, with ticker symbol SHAK, started trading on the New York Stock Exchange Friday morning at $47 per share, an instant gain of more than 120 percent. From there, it immediately shot up to $50.

Holy Jim Cramer, that's a hot stock! Should you take some of your hard-earned cash and buy it? Maybe mortgage your house and gamble all your retirement money? Here is a helpful flowchart, with words by The Huffington Post's Ben Walsh and purty pitchers by Alissa Scheller, to help you sort it all out. Happy stock hunting! --Mark Gongloff

(Hat tip to Felix Salmon for the single-stock investing as golf metaphor.)