'Shakespeare In Love' Sequel Coming Soon After Weinstein Deal

'Shakespeare In Love' Sequel Now Closer To Happening

The Weinstein Company and Miramax, the company first founded by TWC co-chairmen Bob and Harvey Weinstein, have entered into a "multi-year, multi-title film, television and live-stage co-production and co-distribution agreement involving library-derived and original development projects covering some of the most iconic titles in the Miramax history." That means classic Miramax films like "Good Will Hunting," "Rounders," "Shakespeare In Love" and "Flirting With Disaster" could have new life with either sequels or television series.

In fact, as The New York Times reported, TWC co-chair Harvey Weinstein said "Shakespeare in Love" could be one of the first Miramax films to earn a sequel under this new deal. At Deadline.com, Mike Fleming notes that Weinstein also has "Rounders 2" in active development, and might try to get Robert De Niro to join Matt Damon and Edward Norton in the cast.

"This is an amazing opportunity to reunite us with the company named after our parents, Miriam and Max. We salute Qatar Holding and Tom Barrack of Colony Capital for joining forces in this most exciting of endeavors. From movies to TV shows to the Broadway stage they have reinvigorated Miramax productions and to have the Miramax banner fly once again is a dream come true for all of us," the Weinstein brothers said in a statement announcing the deal.

The idea that the Weinsteins would get to leaf through the Miramax library was first revealed back in 2010.

"Over the years Bob and Harvey have never let me talk although I would have done better than them, after all I am a Jewish mother. I want to thank all involved for bringing Miramax actively back into my life," the Weinsteins mother, Miriam, also said in the press release announcing the deal. "No one would be happier than Harvey and Bob's late father, Max. This is truly lucky for all of us and hopefully lucky for filmgoers all over the world."

For more on the possible sequels and spinoffs from famed Miramax releases, head to Deadline.com.

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