At the Delacorte

Setting: Outside Central Park's Delacorte Theatre.

Time: July 2013. Morning. Unbelievably hot, humid, when-will-this-end-weather.

Characters: Man One, Woman, and Man Two

Avid theatre goers form two lines outside Central Park's Delacorte Theatre. One line is very short, and the other is very long. MAN ONE and WOMAN stand in the middle of the short line, chatting. MAN ONE drains a water bottle, as WOMAN sips a jumbo coffee.

MAN ONE: Isn't it too hot for coffee?

WOMAN: It's never too hot for coffee. I'm just glad it's legal.

MAN ONE: True.

The line begins to move.

WOMAN: We'll definitely get tickets.

MAN ONE: I hope so. I want to surprise my boyfriend.

WOMAN: I'm glad I got here early.

MAN ONE: I take it this isn't your first time lining up for tickets?

WOMAN: No. Shakespeare In the Park is one of New York City's best institutions, at least in my book. Is this your first time here?


WOMAN: The line moves fairly quickly once they start to hand them out.

MAN ONE: Good. I have an appointment in mid-town in an hour.

WOMAN: You'll make it.

MAN TWO walks by them, then doubles back and pauses in the middle of the short line.

MAN TWO: Do you know what that long line is for over there?

WOMAN: It's the ticket line.

MAN TWO: Really?

MAN ONE: Really.

MAN TWO: For Love's Labour's Lost?

WOMAN: Yes. For Love's Labour's Lost.

MAN ONE and WOMAN silently watch MAN TWO exit.

WOMAN: He'll be back.

MAN ONE: What?

WOMAN: You know the type.

MAN ONE: That line is really long. It winds all the way back around the bend.

WOMAN: You're right. It's long.

MAN TWO returns and stops directly in front of MAN ONE and WOMAN.

MAN TWO: How do you get on this short line?

MAN ONE: It's for disabled people.

MAN TWO: You don't look disabled.

WOMAN: You don't look rude.

The End