Shakira Baby News: Latina Star To Give Birth Today, According To Several Reports

The long awaited day finally seems to have arrived for Colombian singer Shakira and Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, as the artist prepares to give birth to their baby Tuesday in Spain.

“This Tuesday our first son will be born,” said the new father through his Instagram, according to the Associated Press, though a quick look at the athlete's account didn't confirm the information.

Although the due date for the birth of their first child was initially scheduled for Jan. 20, and the couple dreamed it would arrive on February 2, when they both celebrate their birthdays, the little one is finally expected to arrive on Jan. 22.

Due to the lateness of the pregnancy and the baby's large size, the gynecologist who cares for the singer decided to schedule the labor today, Notimex reported.

Since early Tuesday morning, Barcelona time, the couple and their parents are both at the Teknon clinic where the baby will be born any moment now.

A source close to the couple told HuffPost Voces, that at the request of the singer, the team assisting her gynecologist Carlota Garcia-Valdecasas, should be composed only of women and all those who participate in the event had to sign a confidentiality agreement to avoid any leakage and disclosure of information or photos.

"Everything was organized, down to the smallest detail," the source told HuffPost Voces. "Though Shakira has always asked to have a natural childbirth, it is quite possible that, because of the enormous size of the baby, it could be a C-section. That is why within the medical team, they also have a plastic surgeon to assist her."

Many have speculated the name of Shakira and Pique's new baby would be Biel, however it seems like Milo or Milan are also strong candidates.

Last week the couple released a photo posing semi-nude together to invite fans to a special baby shower celebration, which aimed to raise funds for UNICEF, a United Nations program that helps children worldwide and for which the singer has served as an ambassador for many years.



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