Shakira Leaves 'The Voice' But These Moments Will Never Be Forgotten (GIFS)

It’s a sad day for Shakira fans.

The Colombian superstar told reporters this week that she had no plans to return as a coach on “The Voice” after the Season 6 finale at the end of the month.

After releasing her self-titled album in March, Shak is ready to leave her red revolving chair behind and hit the road with her son Milan, though she was unwilling to reveal many details about the upcoming tour.

"Honestly, I've had a blast," Shakira said. "But right now, I have to go on with my life as an artist. I'm not really a TV celebrity and I have to prep a tour and also do other stuff, like being a mother."

Shak came onto NBC’s Emmy-winning singing competition for Season 4, as an alternate for Christina Aguilera, and won over audiences with her playful personality and charm. While she failed to get a contestant to the finals during her stint on the show, there surely wasn’t a lack of memorable Shakira moments.

Relive the singer’s greatest moments on ‘The Voice.”

Remember when we first got a glimpse of what it was going to be like for Shakira and Usher to join America’s favorite bromance for Season 4?

And when it finally came time for the blind auditions, she was pretty excited…

...except when the contestants didn’t choose her.

Though, that didn’t stop her from pulling all the stops to get who she wanted. Even if it meant impersonating her fellow coaches.

Or breaking out some Spanish...

...and Portuguese

She even made sure to highlight her special talents for the contestants.

Though at times she might’ve overshared.

And when she did win over a contestant, she made sure not to rub it in anyone’s face.

During the blind auditions you knew she was feeling a performance when she started doing this

And let’s not forget how surprised she was when a contestant chose to sing her hit “Loca”...

...though she quickly got very into her future arist's performance.

And did we mention she also schooled the boys with her amazing English vocabulary?

In Season 4, Sasha Allen was her final contestant in the competition and when America chose to save her, well...this glorious moment happened:

But she was also a good sport and after Sasha had been eliminated, Shak dressed up to show her support for the final three contestants.

All is not lost, though. At least “The Voice” will still have Adam Levine’s impeccable impressions of Shakira.

Though we're not sure if Shak's fans will ever forgive him for this: