Shakira Loses Lawsuit Brought By Former Employees: 'The Voice' Star To Pay $1,264 For 'Unjustified Firing'

The lawsuit against Colombian pop star Shakira filed by two former domestic employees has come to an end. While Maritza de Avila and Dibier Hernandez sued the singer for more than $250,000 citing “unjustified firing” after working for her for 24 years, a judge in Barcelona decided she would just have to pay $1,264.

According to the Colombian daily El Tiempo, during the development of the case, the artist’s lawyers offered 12,000 euros. However, the defense of two women did not accept the amount.

The court also denied there had been any threats made against the plaintiffs by the singer or her legal entourage, the newspaper reported.

At the beginning of the legal process it was said that the employees were fired after refusing to cook for Shakira during the early morning claiming that they didn’t have the ingredients to make the dish she was ordering. In an interview with HuffPost Voces, a source close to the performer denied the allegations, and said the singer had discovered that her employees were passing along information to her ex Antonio De La Rua.

The star still faces a million dollar lawsuit brought by De La Rua, claiming he was her manager during their 11-year relationship. Recently, in legal documents filed by the “The Voice” judge, she establishes she was already an international star when she met de la Rua in 2000, and that she was never her manager, TMZ reported.



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