Shakira Teaches Milan To Read In Adorable Video

Shakira proves, once again, that parents are a child’s best teacher.

In June the Colombian superstar gave son Milan an impressive U.S. history lesson -- in English -- during a visit to Washington D.C. and this week Shak showed us just how sharp her little boy is.

In a video posted on the singer’s Facebook, Shakira is shown teaching her 18-month-old son how to read in Spanish.

The star writes down words like "mom" and "dad" and Milan enthusiastically reads them out loud.

Shak and soccer beau Gerard Piqué will soon have a second pupil at home. In August, the “Waka Waka” singer announced the couple had another baby on the way.

When Shakira’s mother Nidia Ripoll visited the family in Barcelona earlier this month, she revealed to Spain’s Hola magazine that Milan would be getting a little brother.

“Yes, another boy. A playmate for Milan,” Ripoll told Hola.

Check out the adorable video of Shakira and her baby boy above.

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