Shakira Gives Her 1-Year-Old Son A Lesson In U.S. History

Shakira’s son Milan won’t stop blowing our minds.

The 1-year-old boy not only has some impressive drumming skills but apparently he can also correctly identify an obelisk -- more specifically the Washington Memorial -- in English. The Colombian star and her son visited Washington D.C. last week and posted a video of their little history lesson on Friday.

A bit of a history buff herself, Shak took little Milan to see the sights in the nation’s capital. The singer uploaded a video with the caption, “Mommy is explaining the Declaration of Independence! I’m very interested in history!”

Milan’s mother tongue may be Spanish but the singer and Spanish boyfriend Gerard Piqué are clearly taking the time to teach their little boy enough English to identify the Lincoln Memorial.

Shakira has often demonstrated an affinity for learning languages and can speak Spanish, Catalan, English, Portuguese and French in various degrees. Apparently those genes are strong in little Milan, who seems well on his way to becoming multilingual.

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