Shakira Says A Pair Of Wild Boars Attacked Her And Tried To Steal Her Stuff

The singer said the porcine thieves accosted her in a Barcelona park and made off with her bag.

Shakira said she and her son were attacked by two wild boars that destroyed her bag at a park in Barcelona, Spain.

The singer recounted the ordeal in a series of Instagram stories that have since been removed but were reported by multiple news outlets.

In the video, which did not show Shakira’s face, the singer said in Spanish that the animals attacked her before seizing a bag that contained her phone and making off into the woods.

She managed to recover her bag and showed off the damage on camera. “They destroyed everything,” she said.

She then told her son, whose father is Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué, “Milan, tell the truth. Say how your mummy stood up to the wild boar,” BBC reported.

Boars have become an increasing problem in European cities, where they feed on rubbish discarded by humans. The animals, deemed among the world’s most invasive by the World Conservation Union, have become an everyday sight in cities like Barcelona and Rome.

Spanish police received nearly 1,200 phone calls in 2016 about nuisances created by boars, including traffic disturbances, rooting through garbage and attacking domestic animals.

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